Lubbock Zinc Roofs

Metal roofing is a popular choice for commercial roofing and Roofs Inc. specializes in Lubbock commercial zinc roofs. Zinc roofs are a specific metal roofing type. They are made from the extremely durable and long lasting material zinc, and serve as a long term commercial roofing investment.

Commercial Zinc Roof Installations

Lubbock commercial zinc roofing is naturally self-protecting. The zinc creates a barrier called patina that prevents it from corrosion and wear. This patina finish is truly an incredible protector from the elements as it changes with time and is not a static surface like paint that only chips and wears with time.

The patina protective surface is created over a period of time due to chemical reactions from its environment. Zinc naturally will create this finish over the course of approximately 2-5 years. The patina is created through a process of hydroxyde formation. Hydroxyde is formed when the zinc reacts with water and oxygen. Later the hydroxyde will react with carbon dioxide and will create hydroxycarbonate. This series of reactions to nature creates the patina finish which in turn protects the entire roofing system from corrosion and wear.

If a zinc roof that has a patina surface is scratched, the patina surface will simply recreate itself. Because of this long lasting durability, zinc roofing is a wonderful choice for your Lubbock commercial building. 

But as with any commercial roofing project, the most important aspect is the installation process. Roofs Inc. offers the leading experts in the field and we promise only the highest quality service. If you are considering a zinc roof please contact us so we can help you explore the options available.

Roofs Inc. is the number one choice for a Lubbock commercial zinc roof installation.