TPO Roofing

TPO RoofingThermoplastic Polyolefin, TPO, is a synthetic rubber roofing compound much like EPDM. However, unlike some other rubber compounds used in commercial roofing, it can be fused together like PVC membrane over its entire service life. In most cases, rubber membrane seams use either two-sided tape or an adhesive. Roofs Inc. has a team of certified technicians who are experts at TPO roofing installation and repair in Lubbock.

TPO Roofing Installation in Lubbock

Heat welded seams are the most durable among several options. Properly fused seams are six times stronger than seams formed with an adhesive, and three times stronger than taped seams. Once fused, TPO seams create a monolithic rubber system that covers the whole roof.  Heat welded seams don’t deteriorate and, in fact, become the strongest component of the roof. The membranes are also reinforced with a polyester scrim that makes your roof puncture and tear resistant.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, generally installed in white for its reflectivity, is also manufactured in colors. TPO membrane features a desirable reflective quality that takes nearly 87 percent of damaging UV rays away from your roof. The membrane is usually very near the ambient air temperature, meaning heat isn’t absorbed into your roof. This reflectivity keeps your air conditioner costs lower since the heat from the roof isn’t transferred into the building.

Because TPO production uses no plasticizers or chlorine, it doesn’t damage the environment. People often choose it because of its green characteristics alone.

Expert TPO Repair

A TPO membrane roof can be installed in mechanically attached, fully adhered, and ballasted type applications. The most common is a mechanically attached installation. Whichever type system is best for your commercial or industrial building call Roofs Inc. at (806) 771-9780 or, toll free at (877) 81-ROOFS for a comprehensive evaluation and the appropriate TPO roofing installation and repair in Lubbock.