Storm Damage

Mother Nature has been known to throw some vicious tantrums in West Texas. Like violent spring thunderstorms that bring torrential downpours, strong, unrelenting wind and large hail. And when a storm hits, your commercial roof is most susceptible to costly damage from these threats. Fallen tree branches, flying debris, rain, hail and wind are common causes of roofing damage. When that happens call Roofs Inc for storm damage roof evaluation and repair in Lubbock.

Storm Damage Roof Evaluation in Lubbock, TX

cloud to ground lightning strikeObvious outward signs of roof damage include holes, missing, cracked, broken or curled shingles and split seams. With asphalt shingles, look for dents or bruises. Since asphalt shingles are coated with tiny metallic granules that protect your business from damaging UV-rays, look for these tell-tale small granules in your gutters and downspouts. Loose granules usually signal more serious roofing concerns, including deterioration, leaks, flooding and overall structural compromise.

Expert Damage Evaluation

Roofs Inc. knows fixing a roof is not all there is to storm damage repairs. Keeping disruptions to your business to a minimum is important, as is returning your operation to its prior condition quickly and affordably. That’s why Roofs Inc. starts with a comprehensive inspection of your damaged roof to evaluate and record the damage for insurance claims. We will then work with your insurance provider to make sure your roof is repaired quickly. In addition, Roofs Inc.’s experts manage and plan all necessary repairs to ensure timely completion of roof repair or replacement within your budget.

For storm damage roof evaluation and repair in Lubbock, TX call Roofs Inc at (806) 771-9780 or toll free at (877) 81-ROOFS. Our team of well-trained professional technicians are experts at all types of roofing repairs and replacements.