Locating a Flat Roof Leak

Finding a flat roof leak can truly be a nightmare. When a sloped roof begins to leak, you can typically rule out any point below the leak since water doesn’t travel uphill. However, with flat roofing systems, the water could be traveling from anywhere. Luckily, there a few clues to where your roof leak may be. Properly inspecting your roof system to check for damages can be the most productive way to find your leaky spot.

Roof Leaks can Easily Cause Damage Inside Your Building


Flashing is the metal overlay that is used to cover areas where vents, chimneys, and A/C units attach to the roof and are popular points of leaks. Flashing can come loose over time and begin to raise, letting water into your roofing system.

Water Signs

As water dries on a flat roof, it may leave dirt rings where it was. Look for dark rings and signs of ponding water on your roof. Inspect these water spots for small holes or cracks in the material that could be the source of your leak.


Seams are the areas where your roof material is put together. Over time, these areas can separate, causing a perfect entrance for water and debris, especially when located under flashing.


Be sure to inspect your old repair patches. These areas can also separate over time, letting in moisture. Check to see if you can lift the edges of the patch or there are any holes or cracks along the seam.

As a Last Resort

One of the most telltale methods of finding a leak in your flat roofing is to run water over small areas of your roofing system and waiting for leaks. This method can be very time-consuming and should be done in very small areas.

When you have a flat roof leak, it can seem as though you may never find the origin. Let the experts help. We provide expert leak detection and repair to provide you with an affordable, hassle-free experience. Call us today at 806-771-9780.