Installation and Copper Roof Repair

All metal roof systems are known to be stylish, but are you looking for the best of the best in metal roofing? Copper roofing is one of the sturdiest of all metal roofing varieties on the market, particularly for commercial properties. Commercial property owners considering increasing the protection of their building might want to consider a copper roofing as their new roofing system. We’re here to help you with repairs or installation for a copper roof in , as well as in El Paso, TX and the Rio Grande Valley. If you have any inquiries about the options we can offer here at , give us a ring at 806-771-9780!

Copper Roof Cost And Value

The general copper roofing cost will be more costly than a typical metal roof, if only because copper roofing is a premium roof material. That cost though, brings long-term value, so a copper roof installation will hold that value for many years. If you were to scrap your roofing, you would receive back a hefty amount of what you originally put down, because copper can retain up to 95% of its purchase value after installation.

These roof systems are known for more than beauty and can withstand wind, hail, and other bad weather issues, making copper roofing repair services fairly uncommon. And as a lightweight metal, copper roofs thankfully put less stress on the structure of your building. Finally, just about everyone agrees that copper roofing ages quite well, and continues to become more beautiful as it develops a blue or even green patina over the years. Contact our commercial roofers to get more information about a copper roof in , .

Get Copper Roof Services Today

A brand new copper roofing installation is sure to give your building a variety of striking looks throughout the years, in addition to unwavering durability. While rare, damages can still happen, though, which is why we offer professional repairs for your copper roof in , as well as El Paso, TX and the Rio Grande Valley. To keep your copper roofing in good condition, we also offer roof maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible. You can contact any of our experts at 806-771-9780 to learn more, or to begin the copper roofing process.