Protecting Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Shingle Roof

Protect Your Shingle Roof by Calling a Professional Today.

One of the most popular materials used on home roofing, is asphalt. This is because it is a solid product that looks very nice, and it is incredibly durable. Most residential homes have this kind of material on it, and it works very well for them. Here are 3 ways that you can protect your asphalt shingle roof and keep it working the way it was made to.

  1. Keeping your roof clean: It is important that you make sure to clean off different items that can find your way onto your roof. Things like leaves and branches can get caught up there when it is windy and cause serious damage to your roof in the long run. While you are up there, take a look around and see if you have any issues with your solar panels, vents, or skylights if you have them.
  2. Another simple step that you can take in protecting your roof is to cut away largeĀ trees that may hang over the top of your roof. In a windstorm or intense snow, trees and large branches can fall onto your roof causing major damage and ripping off shingles. This can be done quickly by yourself or a professional contractor.
  3. The biggest key to keeping peace of mind when it comes to your roof is to have it inspected regularly. It can be a tedious task to have to remember, but we try to make it as easy as possible to come out and make sure everything looks good. Sometimes a few shingles can come loose or come off completely, damaging the integrity of the roof and spots around it.
    We are here for you and want to make sure that your asphalt shingle roof stays fully intact through every season. Call us today at (806)- 771-9780 to have someone out to make sure that your asphalt shingle roof is in good shape today.