3 Tips for Maintaining a Metal Roof

Red Metal Roofing System and Skylight

Metal Roofing Offers Great Protection for Homeowners, But an Occasional D.I.Y. lnspection is Smart.

Metal roofing systems are famous for their longevity, durability and simple maintenance requirements. For those D.I.Y. homeowners looking to get the most out of their roof however, there are ways to extend the life of metal even more further. Here are three simple tips for maintaining a metal roof.

Tip #1: Check it Twice a Year

Just after winter and summer ends, take a short walk around your house. Examine the state of your roof, looking for debris and signs of corrosion. The winter months are typically the hardest on your metal roof, especially with foliage and dirt was leftover from the fall. Thankfully, your metal roofing is very durable and only requires simple touch ups twice a year.

Tip #2: Do Basic Cleaning

Examine your rooftop for debris (such as twigs, leaves, etc), dirt smudges and metal chips in the paint coating. Grab a ladder and a trash bag. You’ll want to begin with sweeping off all the debris on the rooftop, then emptying out the leaves and grime in your gutter system. Clogged gutters will spill over onto your fascia and corrode your siding. If you find any foreign matter lodged in your roof’s coating, see if you can gently remove it. Smudges can typically be removed with Formula 409 (or a similar cleaning solution), but tougher spots may need a mix of water, household bleach, and dish soap to come out.

Tip #3: Cover Up Scratches

If you discovered any scratches in the paint, you’ll want to use a brush and a bit of paint (approved by your roof’s manufacturer) to touch up the exposed portions. Exposed metal will start to rust and weaken if exposed to too much moisture.

There you go! Following these tips during your D.I.Y. checkups can extend the lifetime of your roof by years! For more tips on maintaining a metal roof, you can talk to our experts at806-771-9780.