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Having exceptional roofing is important when you have a business to run. Our roofing keeps us protected from severe weather, as well as keeps out outside elements. Without sturdy and reliable roofing, it is hard for commercial property owners to conduct business or increase their productivity. At , we care about the safety and productivity of our commercial clients, which is why we offer quality and professional commercial roofing at an affordable price. In order to improve the function of your roof or give you an updated roof, a roofing contractor in Lubbock, Texas, El Paso, or the Rio Grand Valley will customize roofing solutions that are completely unique to your roof. Each roof is different and their particular problem is as well, so we inspect your roof and come up with a comprehensive and detailed plan that will target your exact need

Customer Services

Not only do we place a huge emphasis on commercial roofing services, but we also make customer service one of our biggest priorities. The reason we continue to succeed as one of the leading commercial roofing companies is that of our current and past clients. With their support and satisfaction, we are able to gain more success and provide better services. Our client base is comprised mostly of referrals that were passed on by our clients, which has made it possible to get corporate clients throughout the country. If you want a commercial roofing company who will give you amazing roofing services and will go above and beyond in terms of customer service, call us at 806-771-9780 to speak with a commercial roofing contractor in , , as well as in El Paso, TX, and the Rio Grande Valley

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Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

We Have a Wide Selection of Commercial Roof Services and Materials.

Our commercial roofing company wants nothing more than you to have access to the best commercial roofing services and materials. We want to help as many commercial clients in , , El Paso, and the Rio Grande Valley, so we offer beneficial and high-quality services at an affordable price. From TPO roofing repair to modified bitumen roof maintenance, we are the roofers to go to when you want a wide variety of services and materials to choose from for your commercial roofing. Give us a call at 806-771-9780 to speak with a commercial roofing contractor in , , as well as El Paso, and the Rio Grande Valley regarding our commercial roofing services.


Popular Commercial Roofing Materials

Popular Commercial Roofing Materials

We Have an Assortment of Durable and Quality Commercial Roofing Materials.

At Roofs Inc, we offer a wide variety of commercial roofing materials including metal roofing and energy efficient roofing. While these are great roofing systems, we also offer other popular roof materials that our clients will love. Each client is going to have a completely different need or style when it comes to their commercial roofing, and because of that, we want to offer a wide range of commercial roofing that our customer will benefit from. Below are some of the popular roofing materials that our commercial roofing company offers.

  • Modified Bitumen Interested in a modified bitumen roofing system? Contact our roofers today to set up an appointment.
  • Roof Membrane A roof membrane is a great type of roofing if you have a commercial roof that is flat or sloped.
  • Shingle Roofs Own an apartment complex or building that has roof shingles? We can install and repair this type of commercial roof material.

To speak with a commercial roofing contractor in , , as well as in El Paso, TX or the Rio Grande Valley about these types of roof, give one of our three offices a call today at 806-771-9780.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Roof Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Call a Commercial Roofing Contractor for High-Quality Roof Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance.

In order to keep your roofing in the best shape possible, it’s important to get biannual maintenance for your roof. Roof maintenance will not only extend the life of your roof, but it can catch problems before they become too severe. At our commercial roofing company, we customize roof maintenance plans that indicate when your last service was, how old your roof is, and what condition it is in. 

While roof maintenance is incredibly important, roof repair is a service that ensures that a roof damage is taken care of immediately. We offer affordable and effective roof repair service for a number of commercial roofing materials. If for some reason a roof is beyond repair or too costly, we will suggest a roof replacement. A roof replacement is great as you can have a roofing system that will last longer.

  • Roof Maintenance Plans Let our roofers come up with a specific roof maintenance plan for your roof when you call us today.
  • Roof Repair Do you have roof leaks or another roof damage? Contact Roofs Inc. today to make an appointment for roof repair.
  • Roof Replacement If your roof is beyond its lifespan who has had frequent repairs, our roofers can perform gas and affordable roof replacements.

Interested in any of these services? Call a commercial roofing contractor in , at 806-771-9780 to get a roof repair, replacement, or maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Roofing for Your Commercial Building

Energy Efficient Roofing for Your Commercial Building

Get Energy Efficient Roofing Today!

Over the last couple of years, energy efficient roofing has become a very popular roofing material, and with good reason. There are many things to love about having an energy efficient roof from a decrease in energy costs, an improvement in your energy savings, as well as being environmentally-friendly. With an energy-efficient roof, commercial clients can feel at ease knowing their roofing is doing good for them and the environment. At , we offer a wide selection of energy efficient roofing systems. Each energy efficient roofs has it’s own perks, but one thing they all have in common is that they will provide you with better energy savings for your building.

  • Cools Roofs Want a cool roof that offers better energy efficiency? Call us to set up an appointment today!
  • PVC Roofing PVC roofing is a sturdy roofig system that offer lasting protection for your commercial property.
  • Roof Coatings A roof coating is not only energy efficient but it can be a better alternative to a roof replacement.
  • TPO Roofing Interested in TPO roofing? Call our roofers to get a TPO roofing system installed on your building.

Call us today at 806-771-9780 to talk with a commercial roofing contractor in , , El Paso, TX, or the Rio Grande Valley.

Metal Roofing

High-Quality Commercial Metal Roofing

High-Quality Commercial Metal Roofing

From Steel to Zinc, Our Metal Roofing Services and Materials Can’t Be Beat.

One of the best roofing materials you can get for your commercial property is metal roofing. Metal roofing is fantastic for some reasons, from it’s durability to its longevity. Our commercial property has a couple of metal roofing options for our clients to choose from, all of them being extremely beneficial to your building. Not only does commercial metal roofing give you better protection, but they give your building a very unique and beautiful look. If you want a roof that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing, metal roofing might be something you should look into.

  • Steel Roofs Steel roofing is an excellent metal roofing option that offers quality protection for your commercial building.
  • Zinc Roofs A zinc roof is incredibly unique as it can heal itself if it becomes scratched or damaged.

If you want to learn more about our metal roofing services, call today at 806-771-9780 to speak with a commercial roofing contractor in , , as well as in El Paso, TX and the Rio Grande Valley.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repair for Your Commercial Roof

Storm Damage Repair for Your Commercial Roof

When You Need Storm Damage Repair for Your Roof, Call Our Roofers!

Nothing is worse than having a big storm hit your commercial property. A big storm doesn’t just affect the exterior walls of your building, it can also have adverse effects on your commercial roofing, as well. Hail or wind is notorious for damages to your roof that can cause cracks, punctures, and more of your roofing material. This, in turn, can cause roof leaks, which can seep into your building. This not only affects productivity for your business but also the protection of your employees. At , we are here for clients who have recently been affected by a bad storm and need help. Whether you need roof insurance claims help or emergency roofing, you can depend on our roofing contractors for storm damage repair.

  • Disaster Restoration If your building needs emergency roof services, call us right now for our disaster restoration roofing services.
  • Insurance Claims Having trouble with your roof insurance claims? Our roofing contractors can offer roof insurance claims assistance on top of repairs.

Don’t wait to call a roofing contractor in , , El Paso, or the Rio Grande Valley if your roof has been damaged by severe weather, call us now at 806-771-9780.

Talk to a Commercial Roofing Contractor Today!

If you want professional commercial roofing from a licensed and fully-insured roofer, call ! We are able to offer detailed and effective services that will get your roofing system in better shape than before. Our commercial roofing company has three locations that you can contact, with these locations being in LubbockEl Paso, and the Rio Grande ValleyFor roofing company who will go the extra mile in order to offer you the best service possible, call us at 806-771-9780 today to talk with a commercial roofing contractor in , , El Paso, TX, or the Rio Grande Valley area.