Roof Membrane

Roof membrane is a type of roofing system primarily used on flat or low-slope commercial roofs. The membranes are exceptionally effective at preventing leaks and moving water off the roof. The membranes are generally made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic (PVC) or modified bitumen. For your commercial application call Roofs Inc for roof membrane installation and repair in Lubbock.

Roof membrane installation in Lubbock

Synthetic rubber membranes, also known as thermoset, consist of large, flat pieces of synthetic rubber that are bonded together with glue at the seams to create one continuous membrane. Generally, the finished thickness of such a roof is from 30 to 60 thousandths of an inch. Thermoplastic membranes, such as PVC, are similar to synthetic rubber, with the exception that the seams don’t form one continuous piece. Seams, which are welded together, can be as durable as the rest of the membrane. Modified bitumen is made from traditional asphalt along with a variety of modifiers and solvents. The evolution of older materials may be connected through heated, cold-applied adhesive and self-adhesive seams.Picture of commercial roofing

These three common roof membranes all have benefits beyond the previous method of asphalt over gravel applications. This is because sealing seams and connection points is difficult. Ineffective seams can cause roofs to leak early in their service lives, and, in addition, require more maintenance. When professionally installed by Roofs Inc, roof membranes are either seamless, or have seams as strong as the roof body, eliminating leaks.

Professional membrane repair

In addition, membranes that need repairs can be patched relatively easily compared to asphalt and gravel roofs where leaks and breaks are tough to find. Traditional asphalt roofs require a layer of gravel to slow natural degradation of asphalt in sunlight and to hold it down. Each of the three membrane roofing system types are resistant to expansion and contraction, and all three effectively reflect harmful UV rays. Plus, they are attached to the building, eliminating the need for a weighted top layer.

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