Lubbock Roof Maintenance Plans

Your commercial roof is a significant investment and, like other major pieces of your facilities, a plan for regular maintenance is crucial to your bottom line. Proper roof management ensures extended roof life, maximum return on investment, and a safe, dry working environment, which results in increased productivity and trims operating costs and all but eliminates business disruptions. Roofs Inc is one of the forward-thinking contractors with roof maintenance plans in Lubbock.

Why is preventative roof maintenance important?

Picture of man working on roofOur evaluations of older roofs often determine that minor repairs coupled with ongoing preventative maintenance could add years to commercial applications. That’s the motivation behind Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services. This Roofs Inc program features a comprehensive inspection of the horizontal field surface, as well as the vertical substrate and all penetrations and seals to determine the baseline condition of the roof. This initial survey enables our team of highly-trained technicians to guide you toward the most economical decisions for repairs and preventative maintenance.

Simply put, the best way to affordably extend the life of your commercial roof is with a comprehensive maintenance plan. A roof that’s well-maintained can last years past its initial warranty period. When you can delay installing a new roof, you free capital that can be used for other projects. Smart building owners and managers know regular commercial roof maintenance isn’t an option.

There are times, of course, when a roof has simply reached the end of its service life. When that occurs,  re-roofing could save substantial costs. Basing our recommendations on your building design, the use of your facility, and your budget, our team of professionals will determine the best possible solution for your specific requirements.

To keep your roofing costs under control in the run, call Roofs Inc, a roofing contractor that specializes in commercial roofs, for roof maintenance plans in Lubbock.