Roof Coatings

Do you get worried about the longevity of your roof, or its susceptibility to leaks? A roof coating might just be the cure for your fears. You get a host of benefits with them, and they have gained a lot of popularity recently. To help you understand a little bit about them, we’ve compiled a basic overview:

elastomeric roof coating





Roof coatings basically create a top layer on your roof system. They have elastic attributes that allow them to stretch and contract with the temperature, always going back to their original shape. They take the brunt of UV light and weather damage. Unfortunately, they don’t get made for foot traffic and shouldn’t be walked on regularly. Their claim to fame stems from their ability to stop leaks from happening.


Hopefully this information helps you if you find yourself considering new roof solutions. Here at Roofs Inc., we offer elastomeric roof coating installation alongside a host of other roofing services. If you have any questions, our qualified roofers will be happy to assist you. For more information, please give us a call at (806) 771-9780.