Roof Coatings

large white roofHigher energy costs coupled with area building owners’ desire to make their commercial or industrial roofs last significantly longer has resulted in a renewed interest in elastomeric roof coatings. There are several advantages to using an elastomeric roof coating. An expert evaluation of your roof by Roofs Inc will help you decide on the best elastomeric roof coating installation in Lubbock.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings in Lubbock

Harmony El Paso“Cool Roofs” use white elastomeric roof coatings which effectively reflect heat and light from the roof.  High reflectivity in your roofing material can lower roof temperatures by as much as 100 degrees F, which decreases the heat passed on to the building. That’s a significant reduction, especially considering how hot West Texas summers can be.  And, since so much heat is being reflected instead of absorbed, the host building will be noticeably cooler inside. Financial benefits, including cutting air conditioning expenses, come with elastomeric roof coatings.

Expert Roof Coating Installation

In fact, some applications are eligible for tax incentives. Energy savings, by extension, reduces greenhouse gases and air pollution. Heat stress is also a prime consideration for contractors and building owners when deciding upon a coating for metal or tile roof. An effective coating expands and contracts with the roof during extreme temperature changes. Cool roofing products have been installed on commercial, industrial and residential buildings for more than 20 years. Low-slope and flat roofs are ideal applications for elastomeric roof coatings.

Roofs Inc has experts on all types of commercial roofs who can explain how elastomeric roofing installation in Lubbock and the surrounding areas can solve your roofing problems while saving energy. We can help you keep your office or industrial building cooler and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Call (806) 771-9780 or toll free (877) 81-ROOFS.