Lubbock PVC Roofing

Among the most common single-ply roofing options, membranes made of PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) offer several advantages over traditional materials, including strength, durability, and moisture, wind and fire resistance. Additionally, PVC roofs are the consistent choice of environmentally conscious customers. Similarly, Roofs Inc is the choice for PVC roofing and repair in Lubbock.

PVC Roofing installation and Repair

Poly-vinyl chloride membrane roofs are engineered for toughness, having a minimum break strength of 350 pounds per inch, almost twice that required by the American Society of Testing and Materials for plastic roofing. Heat-welded seams are the key to PVC’s exceptional durability. Heat Welding creates an extremely durable structure that withstands constant expansion and contraction of the building.  In addition, the process yields permanent, watertight bonds that are actually stronger than the membrane itself. This type of seam makes PVC roofs a preferred option over systems that use adhesives or tape to seal seams. Exceptional durability and strength equals exceptional longevity.  When Roofs Inc professionally installs a high-quality PVC roof, owners can count on 20 years of low-maintenance service.

Expert Roofing Contractor

PVC roofing material provides residential and commercial clients outstanding fire, wind and water resistance. For example, PVC roofs don’t support combustion, so they are slow to ignite and burn. Because of the inherent product strength and stout heat-welded seams, PVC roofing offers superior wind resistance, a sought-after characteristic for roofs in West Texas.  Plus, the PVC manufacturing process results in a watertight membrane. PVC is comparatively lightweight and is available in milages between 36 and 90 mils. Generally, PVC roofing membrane is between 40 and 60 mils. It also has excellent inherent resistance to the growth of bacteria, as well as plant roof penetrations.

There are also a variety of environmental benefits that come with PVC roof installation.  First, PVC offers high reflectivity, reduced energy waste, and lowered monthly bills. Plus, it is fully recyclable following a long service life.

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The following is an example of fully adhered PVC installation: