Lubbock Metal Roofing

metal roofing and roof coatingsSteel is a common material, but not the only metal used for commercial and residential roofs. Aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel and terne are also options used by Roofs Inc when we perform metal roofing installation or restoration in Lubbock.

Metal Roofing Installation

For Roofs Inc clients who choose steel roofing material, there are two corrosion resistant choices: galvanized steel treated with zinc and galvalume steel treated with an aluminum alloy. Both are available in various thicknesses. Picture of metal roofing on commercial building

Aluminum, naturally non-corrosive and flexible, attracts some metal roofing customers. Paint or anodization is added to aluminum to add longevity to the roof. Besides adding color to the roof, it makes the aluminum more durable. More common roofing metals are rarely painted.

Copper, a popular choice, is not just a durable choice, but beautiful as well. As copper matures it takes on a green sheen, popular as an exterior design element. Sturdiness and flexibility are the main attributes of zinc. Additionally, zinc’s natural matte finish is great for those seeking a muted style. Stainless steel holds its shine for years and won’t corrode.

Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roofing is a Good Choice

*Won’t rot, crack or warp

*Won’t peel, break or burn

*Won’t blow away in a storm

*Stands up to hail, fire, wind, ice and snow


*Long, service life

*Lighter weight than other roofing options

*Energy efficient

*Can be eligible for insurance discount

*Adds to home value

*Low maintenance

Picture of building with metal roofing

When metal roof systems begin to leak, Roofs Inc recommends two restoration processes for metal roof systems: Elastomeric Spray Coating and single-ply metal retrofits.

Elastomeric Spray Coats
Elastomeric roof coatings are chemicals coated applied to roofs in order to lessen the amount of heat that penetrates through the roof while providing a waterproof barrier.

Single Ply Metal Retrofit
If you have a metal roof that has reached the end of its usable life, Roofs Inc can use “fill in the flute” techniques to turn your metal roof into an insulated energy efficient single ply roof system. We use your existing metal roof as the deck for your new roof system.

Whichever your choice for metal roofing installation and restoration in Lubbock, contact Roofs Inc at (806) 771-9780 or toll free at (877) 81-ROOFS.