Lubbock Insurance Claims

It’s a fact of life that your property can be compromised due to unfortunate events beyond your control. When those events strike, remember you’re not alone. Roofs Inc. can help you manage your loss. Since we started our business nine years ago, we’ve been partnering withseverely damaged roof our clients in difficult times and handling insurance-related issues. We’ve seen wind damage caused by microbursts, tornadoes, and hurricanes, as well as flood, fire, lightning and hail damage. Roofs Inc. is the go-to company when it comes to commercial roofing insurance claims in Lubbock.

Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims

We’ll start your recovery with a temporary roof cover-up. We will perform a site seal off for emergency mitigation. And we will work hard to protect your property, equipment and inventory from the elements, limiting further damage. Roofs Inc. will then begin a comprehensive plan to get your commercial roof repaired or replaced. First, we’ll document our initial evaluation for you and contact your insurance adjuster immediately on your behalf. When situations involving extreme loss occur, Roofs Inc. will initiate necessary prevention measures to limit additional loss of property and provide a safe environment for people affected, including employees, residents and neighbors. We’ll seal off the site to unauthorized traffic with temporary boarding and fencing,  significantly reducing your liability risk and possible theft.

Commercial Roofing Repair or Replacement

Our estimate for replacement or repair of your commercial roof features a complete line item document, including on-site pictures and diagrams of the damage using specialized software. Such an accurate description of the loss and the plan for restoration speeds the claim’s approval, which means you can get back to business quicker.

Whatever the roof, whatever the material, Roofs Inc is the go-to company for insurance claims for commercial roofing in Lubbock.