Lubbock Energy Efficient Roofs

cool roofAt Roofs Inc., we know that cutting energy costs is of the utmost importance to your business. We are the leading experts in energy efficient roof installation and repair in Lubbock. If you are looking to reduce energy costs for your industrial building, commercial building, or flat roof apartment, you should have your current roofing system inspected. Roofs Inc. will be happy to help you determine if your high energy costs are being caused by an inefficient roofing system.

Installation & Repair

Your roof can raise your energy costs through a myriad of different ways. Your roof can be an escape point for heat from inside the building. Conversely, it can be a focal point for the summer sun’s hot rays. Overall, your roofing system has a lot to do with the energy efficiency of your building and should be inspected by one of our roofers to determine if there are helpful changes you can make to your roofing system to cut energy costs.

At Roofs Inc., we are armed with the industry’s leading cool roof products, including Duro-Last, FiberTite, and Versico energy efficient roofing systems. These energy efficient roofs were created to help protect your building from the hot Texas sun. A cool roof system delivers high solar reflectivity, which equals a cooler building and lower cooling costs. An energy savings model developed by the USDOE (Dept. of Energy) determined the energy savings from a cool roof system can reduce energy costs by as much as 20 cents per dollar each square foot annually.

Here at Roofs Inc., we offer the Cool Zone roofing system from Duro-Last which is able to reflect up to 88% of the heat from the sun. We also offer other products with similar cool roof properties. All of our single ply products are Energy Star compliant and approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council. We can design and install your energy efficient roof using one of our cool roof products combined with insulation to dramatically reduce your cooling costs.

Energy Savings

Energy efficient roofing will give you the highest return on investment of any energy saving changes you make to your commercial buildings. At Roofs Inc, we professionally install our roof systems and give you a warranty that is not only backed by our company, but by the manufacturer as well! We make sure that every roof we install is inspected by a manufacturer’s quality control rep and that the warranty is backed by the manufacturer. You can be confident that you are getting a premium energy efficient commercial roofing system. And, with Roofs Inc., you know your energy efficient roof will be installed perfectly the first time.

Using a local Lubbock, Texas firm like Roofs Inc. for your commercial roofing installation means that if you ever need emergency repair or replacement services, we can quickly come to your assistance. If hail, winds or age have damaged your energy efficient commercial roof, Roofs Inc offers 24 hour emergency services for your roofing needs. We will work with your insurance company to ensure that your out-of-pocket expenses are as low as possible.

For all of your Lubbock energy efficient roofing installation and repair, please contact the best in the business at Roofs Inc.