Lubbock Cool Roofs

white roofLight colored clothing is preferred by people who live in hot-weather climates. They typically dress that way  to keep cool; they know that light colors reflect heat whereas dark colors absorb heat. Like people and their clothes, buildings with dark-colored roofs will be hotter than those with light-colored roofs. That’s the whole theory behind cool roofs. Here at Roofs Inc we are the best in the business for cool roof installation in Lubbock and throughout West Texas.

Cool Roof Installation

High solar reflectivity, also called albedo, is the most important trait of a Roofs Inc cool roof. This characteristic deflects sunlight and heat from a building, effectively reducing roof and building temperatures. In addition, thermal emittance -the radiating of thermal heat back into the atmosphere – is also a vital aspect, especially in warm, sunny climates like that in West Texas. Together, these properties allow roofs to stay up to 60 degrees cooler than traditional roofing materials, even during peak summer conditions.Picture of commercial roofing

Cool roofing products have been used on commercial projects, industrial and residential buildings for two decades.  Installation is ideal on the flat or low- slope roofs  found on many commercial, industrial, and office buildings.

Advantages to Cool Roof Installation

Cool roofs installed by Roofs Inc provide several advantages, including reduced energy use. Since a cool roof transfers less heat to the building below, the building stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning. In addition, cool roofing material results in reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions along with improved comfort by reducing air temperatures inside buildings. They cut costs in a host of ways.

Our team of certified professionals are experts at installing money-saving, environmentally friendly  cool roofs. Call Roofs Inc for expert advice on cool roof installation in Lubbock. Call (806) 771-9780 or toll free (877) 81-ROOFS for an estimate.