Commercial Roofing

commercial roofingCommercial roofing in Texas is undergoing an evolution from the old-school gravel ballast built up installations to the efficiency of cutting-edge single ply materials. Roofs Inc. is pacing the change in commercial roofing installation and replacement in Lubbock with the top-quality manufactures and materials we use.

  • Duro-Last- Ideal for a flat of low-slopped roof, this is our most commonly used product. Long-lasting and sustainable, Duro-Last is a trusted name in the roofing business.
  • FiberTite- Roofs Inc. is proud to be the only licensed installer in West Texas for this high-quality, premium product.
  • Johns Manville- Primarily used for new construction projects, Johns Manville is widely known for durable products.
  • Versico- Single-ply roofing products with exceptional performance and durability.

We are certified by four thermoplastic membrane manufactures. Our company has received training and certification to install these manufactures. We install each of their products to their installation specifications and they will send out one of their inspectors to ensure that it has been installed properly, issuing a warranty for workmanship and material.

Commercial Roofing Installation in Lubbock

The old methods, usually multiple layers of asphalt bonded by hot asphalt,  are hazardous to roofers and property owners, as well.  And, once installed, they offer little insulation. In fact, due to their designs, they actually retain heat during long, hot Texas summers.  That’s why we’re pioneering new methods with single-ply roofing materials.

Energy Efficient Roofing Replacement

Picture of commercial roofingIncreased energy costs, coupled with waste reduction initiatives and tax incentives for energy efficient buildings, are factors driving Roofs Inc toward energy efficient roofing solutions. Single ply systems, preferred by engineers and architects, are the solution of choice for roof replacements and new roof design plans. The high-quality single ply materials are favored because of their high solar reflectivity, and because installation causes few interruptions to clients’ business activities. Those characteristics have led building owners and property managers to seek the same name-brand, state-of-the-art solutions.

Some of the products Roofs Inc installs:

  • Duro-Last – Energy Efficient Single Ply System
  • FiberTite – Energy Efficient Single Ply System
  • Versico – Single Ply Systems
    • TPO, EPDM & PVC
  • Elastomeric Spray Coatings
    • ER Systems & Lapolla
      • Energy efficient roof restoration (10yr mfg warranty)
  • Spray Foam ( SPF — Sprayed Polyurethane Foam)
  • Metal Roofing Systems
    • Exposed fastener panels
    • Standing seam panels with hidden clips and floating roofs
    • Foam panel composites that can increase insulation values
    • Retrofit metal roofs by using the fill-in-the-flute techniques to turn a metal roof into a single-ply membrane roof
  • Modified / Built-Up (BUR)
  • Composition Shingle

For more information about the latest installation techniques and materials for your commercial roofing installation or replacement in Lubbock, contact Roofs Inc at (806) 771-9780 or toll free (800) 737-4304.