3 Cool Things Roof Coatings Do

Roof coatings are a great addition to many roofing systems. Surprisingly, there are many people out there that don’t know about roof coatings and the wonders they can work on your roof. It is common to see a roof coating on a commercial flat roof, but they are also commonly found on metal too, and for good reason. Taking care of your roof is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and for the investment that you are making in your roofing system as a whole. Roof coatings are something that you put on your roof for extra protection and that will significantly help the lifespan of your roof.

How Roof Coatings Can Save Your Roof

Man Spraying Roof

Coating Your Roof Can Give You An Extra 10 Years On Your Roof.

Longer Lasting – A roof coating can add an extra 10 or more years onto the life of your roof and when you already have a roof that lasts 60 plus years, that is a major difference.

Water Damage – On a flat roof, water damage is much more common because water has nowhere to go. Next time you can avoid commercial water damage restoration by coating your roof and keeping out water. With a coating, it gives an extra layer of protection that you didn’t have before.

UV Rays – Some roof coatings are made specifically for protection against UV rays. This means that the sun will bounce off of the roof and it will even lower your energy bill.

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What Can a Roof Coating Do For Your Roof?


Roof Coatings Help Make Your Roof Last Longer.

Roof coatings in Lubbock, TX are a great thing to put onto your flat roof. There are a variety of choice to pick from that will suit you and your roof best for the type and the environment you are in. Roof coatings can be added to your roof to help protect against things like UV rays from the sun that cause peeling and cracking in some situations. They also can make a roof that is prone to water damage, safe from water. These roof coatings can make your already great roof, come to another level and even have a longer lasting life than ever before. Another commercial service you may need before we coat your flat roof is to get your roof top A/C units looked at. You always want to ensure that before we do a coating, that everything on your roof is on tip top shape for best results.

Types Of Roof Coatings

Acrylic – When you want a roof that will help protect from UV rays, this is the one.

Polyurethane – If you need to walk on your roof often or are trying to protect from hail, this is a great choice for you.

Silicone – Silicone is the perfect protectant for high rain areas and will be able to help give you that extra water protection that you are looking for.

Elastomeric – A top pick to protect your roof from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Choosing A Cool Roof For Your Commercial Property

Are you looking to replace your current roofing system on your commercial property? With so many roofing materials available for selection, you want to find one that will provide you with the best benefits for your commercial building. For those looking for energy efficiency as well as quality defense against damage, a cool roof may be the best option. These systems work with your commercial heater and air conditioner to increase your property’s efficiency. However, what exactly do cool roofs do?

What Is a Cool Roof?

Cool Roof

If You Need Energy Efficient Roofing For Your Commercial Property, Consider a Cool Roof.

When it comes to your standard roofing materials, the main concern is that they are able to withstand anything a storm may throw its way. However, a cool roofing system provides this and more. Typically made of a reflective material, cool roofing acts as a barrier for your property against the harmful rays of the sun. When UV rays hit your commercial property, it can warm your property up, causing your air conditioner to have to kick on more often, raising your utilities. However, with a cool roof installed, these rays are bounced away from your building, keeping them from affecting its temperature. Some examples of materials and systems that are considered cool are metal roofing, TPO roofing, and even some roof coatings.

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Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

Missing or Damaged Shingles Can Indicate a Need for a New Shingle Roof.

It’s easy to understand why shingle roofing represents the most popular roof material in the country. With a huge array of colors and styles, along with an economical price, shingle roofing occupies a unique place among roofing products. A well-maintained asphalt shingle roof can also persist for around 20 years. The day will come, however, when any shingle roof will need replacement. Stay mindful of the following indicators that the time has arrived for your new shingle roof.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Any missing or damaged shingles create an immediate threat for severe leaks. If a major storm has caused your roof to lose shingles, call for a professional inspection. If the damage occurs across a limited area, or only affects a few shingles here and there, repairs will prove adequate. However, if you’ve lost many shingles from around your roof, you likely will need a full replacement. A roof that loses a high percentage of its shingles can no longer provide worthwhile service. The same applies for shingles that have become damaged with cracks, creases, or curling.

Lost Roofing Granules

The granules on your asphalt shingles accomplish more than simple decoration. They also provide invaluable defense against impacts and wear from the sun. Over time, shingles will begin to naturally lose their granules. If you ever inspect your gutters and find a great deal of granules, then you need a new shingle roof. If this happens to a recently installed roof, the shingles are likely defective and need replacement. In the absence of granules, your roof’s shingles will quickly dry out and curl from the sun. This unfortunate circumstance will make your roof comprehensively vulnerable to leaks.

If you’ve noticed either of these signs, or if your roof has simply gotten old, trust Roofs Inc. for a new shingle roof in Lubbock, TX. To learn more about our company or schedule service, give us a call today at 806-771-9780.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Metal Roof

Red Metal Roofing System and Skylight

Metal Roofing Offers Great Protection for Homeowners, But an Occasional D.I.Y. lnspection is Smart.

Metal roofing systems are famous for their longevity, durability and simple maintenance requirements. For those D.I.Y. homeowners looking to get the most out of their roof however, there are ways to extend the life of metal even more further. Here are three simple tips for maintaining a metal roof.

Tip #1: Check it Twice a Year

Just after winter and summer ends, take a short walk around your house. Examine the state of your roof, looking for debris and signs of corrosion. The winter months are typically the hardest on your metal roof, especially with foliage and dirt was leftover from the fall. Thankfully, your metal roofing is very durable and only requires simple touch ups twice a year.

Tip #2: Do Basic Cleaning

Examine your rooftop for debris (such as twigs, leaves, etc), dirt smudges and metal chips in the paint coating. Grab a ladder and a trash bag. You’ll want to begin with sweeping off all the debris on the rooftop, then emptying out the leaves and grime in your gutter system. Clogged gutters will spill over onto your fascia and corrode your siding. If you find any foreign matter lodged in your roof’s coating, see if you can gently remove it. Smudges can typically be removed with Formula 409 (or a similar cleaning solution), but tougher spots may need a mix of water, household bleach, and dish soap to come out.

Tip #3: Cover Up Scratches

If you discovered any scratches in the paint, you’ll want to use a brush and a bit of paint (approved by your roof’s manufacturer) to touch up the exposed portions. Exposed metal will start to rust and weaken if exposed to too much moisture.

There you go! Following these tips during your D.I.Y. checkups can extend the lifetime of your roof by years! For more tips on maintaining a metal roof, you can talk to our experts at806-771-9780.

Locating a Flat Roof Leak

Finding a flat roof leak can truly be a nightmare. When a sloped roof begins to leak, you can typically rule out any point below the leak since water doesn’t travel uphill. However, with flat roofing systems, the water could be traveling from anywhere. Luckily, there a few clues to where your roof leak may be. Properly inspecting your roof system to check for damages can be the most productive way to find your leaky spot.

Roof Leaks can Easily Cause Damage Inside Your Building


Flashing is the metal overlay that is used to cover areas where vents, chimneys, and A/C units attach to the roof and are popular points of leaks. Flashing can come loose over time and begin to raise, letting water into your roofing system.

Water Signs

As water dries on a flat roof, it may leave dirt rings where it was. Look for dark rings and signs of ponding water on your roof. Inspect these water spots for small holes or cracks in the material that could be the source of your leak.


Seams are the areas where your roof material is put together. Over time, these areas can separate, causing a perfect entrance for water and debris, especially when located under flashing.


Be sure to inspect your old repair patches. These areas can also separate over time, letting in moisture. Check to see if you can lift the edges of the patch or there are any holes or cracks along the seam.

As a Last Resort

One of the most telltale methods of finding a leak in your flat roofing is to run water over small areas of your roofing system and waiting for leaks. This method can be very time-consuming and should be done in very small areas.

When you have a flat roof leak, it can seem as though you may never find the origin. Let the Roofs Inc. experts help. We provide expert leak detection and repair to provide you with an affordable, hassle-free experience. Call us today at 806-771-9780.

Is a Metal Roof Right for Your Commercial Building?

Metal roofs provide a brilliant, durable system that can last for decades with only minimal maintenance. Because of this ease of use mentality, many commercial building owners flock to the idea. However, there are things to consider before settling on a metal roof for your commercial building.

Ask Our Experts if Metal is Right for You.

Metal Roofing Can be An Ideal Roofing Solution for Many Buildings.

Your Building’s Slope

The slope is how steep your roof is. Many commercial buildings have low-sloped or flat roofs. While low-sloped roofs can be completed with a metal solution, every type of metal roofing works best on a medium to high sloped building. This allows proper rain and water runoff and prevents occurrences like rust and corrosion. Flat and low sloped roofs, however, are prime candidates for PVC and TPO roofing.

Typical Weather Patterns

While metal roofing can be reinforced for increased protection, most metal roofing types are at least slightly susceptible to rust and corrosion caused by moisture. Though aluminum is an exception and many metal styles are coated for protection, a risk of early aging happens when selecting some metal roof styles. For humid or coastal environments, stone coated steel is the best metal choice. However, single-ply options, as well as modified bitumen roofing and tile, perform well in high-humidity areas.

Budget Restraints

While metal roofing lasts for years, requires little maintenance, and is extremely durable, these materials are generally more expensive up front than other materials. Your budget constraints may require another type of roofing solution, in which case membrane roofing or shingle roofing could be ideal choices.

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Do You Have a Roof Leak?


A roof leak can wreak havoc on your home or business. There are so many things that could go wrong with a little bit of water damage but, how will you know if you have a roof leak? It’s hard to tell if your roof is leaking because it’s not something you are actively looking for every day. It is also not something that necessarily shows up right away. If you have a leak over your attic, it may take a while to realize that your attic is covered in water or your insulation is ruined. This is a big reason that it is important to have an inspector come out about once a year and give your home or businesses roof a look over. This will help keep you from spending large amounts of money, later on, to fix what the water damage had destroyed.


Signs To Look Out For

Mold – If you being to see mold developing on your walls or if you actually see mold growing on your roof itself, it is a major sign that you probably have a roof leak. Mold thrives on moisture and if water is left long enough, it will start to develop.

Bent up Shingles – Roofing materials are typically very sturdy and can withstand a lot of weather, but if water sits in one spot for too long where damage has happened, it can cause shingles to absorb water and being to bend upwards.

Brown/Yellow Stains On Ceiling – This is the sign that people usually notice the most because it tends to happen in a living room or a bedroom. This is because water has gone through the roof and entered through the drywall. This should be taken care of right away before it ends up severely damaging your drywall.

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Protecting Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Shingle Roof

Protect Your Shingle Roof by Calling a Professional Today.

One of the most popular materials used on home roofing, is asphalt. This is because it is a solid product that looks very nice, and it is incredibly durable. Most residential homes have this kind of material on it, and it works very well for them. Here are 3 ways that you can protect your asphalt shingle roof and keep it working the way it was made to.

  1. Keeping your roof clean: It is important that you make sure to clean off different items that can find your way onto your roof. Things like leaves and branches can get caught up there when it is windy and cause serious damage to your roof in the long run. While you are up there, take a look around and see if you have any issues with your solar panels, vents, or skylights if you have them.
  2. Another simple step that you can take in protecting your roof is to cut away large trees that may hang over the top of your roof. In a windstorm or intense snow, trees and large branches can fall onto your roof causing major damage and ripping off shingles. This can be done quickly by yourself or a professional contractor.
  3. The biggest key to keeping peace of mind when it comes to your roof is to have it inspected regularly. It can be a tedious task to have to remember, but we try to make it as easy as possible to come out and make sure everything looks good. Sometimes a few shingles can come loose or come off completely, damaging the integrity of the roof and spots around it.
    We are here for you and want to make sure that your asphalt shingle roof stays fully intact through every season. Call us today at (806)- 771-9780 to have someone out to make sure that your asphalt shingle roof is in good shape today.

The Benefits Of Roof Coatings For Your Commercial Roof

Roof Coatings

Coating Your Roof Can Provide More Benefits Than You Think!

Owning a commercial building can be rewarding, but what makes the experience stressful, expensive, and lengthy is having to reconstruct your whole roofing system. When your commercial roof begins to show significant signs of wear and tear, the easiest solution may seem to be to just replace the whole roofing system, but actually, you can receive the benefits of a new roof minus the expense, stress, or hassle! With roof coatings, you won’t have to worry about the disruptive process like a traditional roof reconstruction; instead, roof coatings are fast efficient, and take only a fraction of the time or cost of a full roof replacement.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Whole roofing replacements will present a range of challenges, such as interrupting work flow, being noisy, and very lengthy reconstruction times. Disruptive work traffic is a prime drawback to roof reconstruction, but building managers must also consider the lengthy process of reconstructing the roof, along with the cost of products, workmanship, and disposal of old roof materials.

You’ll find significantly more benefits from a roof coating than with a replacement. Roof coatings are more affordable in regards to labor and material, and you can count on the the commercial roofing system to be highly reliable, sturdy, and more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll effectively save on labor and products, and you’ll even get to experience increased security, receive a greater lifespan, and avoid really pricey roof replacements. Properly installed roof coatings can improve the look and function of your roof, so consider roof coatings: a superior method to roof replacements.

Here, our expert roof coating services will transform your business roof into a more energy effective, sturdy, and weather resistant roofing system. Our roof coatings will add value and longevity to your current roof, saving you time and money along the way. We will go over roof coatings to determine which roof coating will best serve your needs, as well as your budget. Our team is experienced in roof coatings, from application, to reapplication. If your roof system is suffering, and you want to reduce heating and cooling expenses, improve the value of their roofing system, and experience better safety our roof coatings are right for you. Call today at (806) 771-9780 to get started!