Commercial Roofing Myths and Facts

photo of roofingWhen choosing commercial roofing, there are many different options for your building. However, while researching all the different benefits, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. To help, we have compiled a list of our favorite myths. These myths can be the difference in choosing or rejecting materials for your building. Knowing the facts can help you make an informed decision about your new system.

Top 5 Myths About Commercial Roofing

Myth #1  Metal Roofing Is Prone To Rusting Easily

Metal roofing and water sounds like a recipe for rust and wear. However, metal roofing is coated to prevent water from affecting it. Metal roofing lasts a very long time if cared for properly and with regular coatings can avoid wearing altogether.

Myth #2 Maintenance Is Not A Big Deal

Many people forgo maintenance, thinking it is a waste of time and money. However, maintenance can prevent huge issues with your system through early detection. Having regular inspections and repair saves you from huge expenses down the line.

Myth #3 Wrinkles In A Membrane Roof Are Not Really A Problem

Membrane roofing is designed to prevent water damage. In order to do so, it must be flat. If you have bubbling or wrinkles, it is important to have this fixed as quickly as possible. These edges and raises in the surface let your roofing get undue exposure to the elements and can wear it down quickly.

Myth #4 Tacking In New Shingles Over The Damaged Ones Is Ok

The worst thing to do when you find your shingles have been damaged is to patch it with a new one atop the location. First, the area must be inspected. Because the shingle prior was damaged, it could have lead to leaks or further damage. This means you will just be covering up issues with your home.

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Pros (And Cons) Of Copper Roofs

copper roofs

When Properly Installed, Copper Roofs Are The Best Choice With Roofs Inc. For Metal Roofing Services.

As with any metal roofing system, there is the overhanging worry that it might rot or corrode quicker than your current or old roofing structure. While copper is a superior material overall, there are a few setbacks to having it installed as a roof, but there are plenty of advantages as well to copper roofs.


  • Noisey during severe storms, especially with the risk of hail, if not installed properly or on an “open” structure
  • Can expand and fluctuate based on weather changes (and while that may be a good thing, it could lead to cracks and seams becoming loose quicker than a traditional roof)
  • Copper itself is an expensive material, so the cost to produce and install is higher since it needs to cover a larger area


  • Copper is stunning, and is highly sought-after in the roofing industry. Copper roofs increase the home’s value.
  • Quick and easy installation as it is a metal roof classification
  • Durability to stand against the elements – it has been known to ward off and experience less stress and damages over time
  • Economically friendly as it can be recyclable after its lifespan, and insulates and cools the home due to its reflective properties

There are several additional reasons why a copper is your next best investment for your home, contact us [nw_data field=phone] to learn more about copper roofs from Roofs Inc. in Lubbock, TX!

5 Advantages of Zinc Roofing

There are a number of metal materials can use in regards to you commercial building roof. There is copper, steel, and even aluminum can be used as choices for your roof, but one metal material that isn’t used very often, but should be, is zinc. Zinc isn’t usually the first material to come to mind, but there are a lot of advantages of zinc roofing that will keep your commercial roof very sturdy. Here are five advantages of zinc roofing.

Advantages Zinc Roofing

 They Repair Themselves

It’s an unusual perk, but one of the benefits of zinc is its ability to repair itself. It has a protective layer called zinc hydroxyl-carbonate that enables it to protect itself from outside elements and corrosion.

Environmentally Friendly

Because zinc is recyclable and doesn’t take a lot of energy to manufacture it, it’s great for the environment. In addition to those characteristics, it can also last for many, many years, saving you money.

Easy Installation

One of the advantages to zinc roofing is how lightweight it is. Because of this, it is easy to transport and install onto a commercial roof.

Very Easy to Form

Because zinc is a very soft metal, it is very easy to bend and shape it into anything you want.


Because zinc is very lightweight, it does not cost a lot to ship it.

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Helpful Tips for Roof Maintenance

Metal Roof LYour roofing system is one of the most important components of your property as it protects you, all the inhabitants and valuables. So it is critical that it’s always at it’s always functioning properly. And the key to making your sure that your roof is fully functioning is regular maintenance. The experts at Roofs Inc are here to provide you with a regular maintenance plan that will ensure the longevity of your roofing system. Here are a few of the essentials we make sure that we keep an eye out for and you can too!

  • Checks for leaks: Water damage can spell major trouble for your roof, even with the smallest leak. Keep an eye for brown spots on your ceiling, which is typically indicative of a leak in your roof.
  • Clean your gutters: They may not seem like much of a big deal, but your gutters play a major role in the overall functionality of your roofing system by steering excess water away from your roof. So if there are leaves and other debris forming clogs, you can find yourself in quite a situation.
  • Inspect your shingles: Your shingles protect your roof and if they become damaged or wind up missing, you can count on a leak occurring. Damaged shingles can normally come from extreme weather and storms.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you find that you have any of these occurrences happening with your roofing system, don’t wait around until your next maintenance appointment. Call Roofs Inc at 806-771-9780 and we’ll come out to your property in Lubbock, TX to immediately to perform a full inspection and make sure that we get your roof back in shape!

Deciding on the Best Roof Coating

best roof coatingYour roofing system is the first line of defense for your property. This is why it is extremely important to not only choose the right roofing material, but also the best roof coating. Choosing the right coating can be extremely beneficial for your commercial building, but how do you know that you have the right one. The experts at Roof Inc. are here to give some pointers on what you should keep in mind.

  • Changes in weather: Here in west Texas, we can experience everything from extreme heat to severe hail storms and everything in between. The proper roof coating will provide you with extra protection against mother nature’s mood swings and extend the life of your roof.
  • The condition of the current roof: Is there in particular damage that needs to e addressed or are you adding the coating to a newly installed roofing system. Before choosing a roof coating, think about the overall stats of your roof and what exact purpose you would like for the coating to serve.
  • Type of Roofing System: Size, slope, roofing material used are elements that will affect which type of roof coating you should choose to go with. Pairing the wrong roofing material with the wrong roof coating can prove to be quite a problem later on down the line.

You want to find a roof coating that will provide an extra layer of protection and be nothing but beneficial to you and your property. So when you’re stumped and have no idea of which will be the best roof coating for your commercial property in Lubbock, TX, Roofs, Inc is the company to call. Contact us now at 806-771-9780.

Benefits of Metal Commercial Roofing

benefits of metal commercial roofingSo you’re debating on what type of roofing material you want to use for your business property. Why not metal roofing? This material is popular amongst commercial building everywhere and is steadily growing in popularity with residential properties as well. Here are just a few of the many benefits of metal commercial roofing.

A variety of style – Long gone are the days where metal roofing means having to settle for a dull, metallic color roof that gives off that industrial feel. There are tons of different colors and styles available so you can find the perfect look for your restaurant, retail building, or any other type of business that you may have.

Energy Efficiency – Paired with the correct amount of insulation and reflective paint, you’re able to lower your costs of cooling by  approximately 40 percent during those warmer months, compared to the conventional shingles. And now that it’s coming around to the cooler part of the year, you could save on your heating bill as well thanks to the powerful insulation characteristics of a metal roof.

Low maintenance – Once you have a metal roofing system properly installed, it has the ability to last with little to no maintenance at all for decades, unlike other materials. So you would be able to save money on costly repairs and maintenance, such as shingle replacement or sealing.

So pick up the phone and call Roofs Inc. at 806-771-9780 to discuss why a metal roof may prove to be a great option for your commercial property. 

Dealing with Hail Damage?

The weather in Texas is so unpredictable, you never know when hail may be coming your way. Hail can cause all sorts of damage to your property. If your roof has been damaged in a recent hailstorm, taking precautions and having your roof inspected is a great way to ensure your home stays fully protected from the elements.

hail on the roof

Unfortunately, there are many ways hail can cause damage to your roof. Shingles can be dented or torn. If the hail is large enough it can puncture through the shingles into the structure of the roof itself. If you have an asphalt shingled roof, the coating that protects the shingles from weather damage could be stripped off. If you think your roof has suffered from any damage like this, call Roofs Inc today to have your roof inspected.

Dealing with a damaged roof is trouble enough, working out the cost of repairs with your insurance company makes things more difficult. Talk to a roofing specialist at Roofs Inc today if you need assistance with your insurance claim in Lubbock, TX. We can represent you when a claims adjuster comes out to assess the condition of your roof to make sure the costs are covered. Once the claim is has been approved, we can get your roof repaired fast to prevent water damage from affecting the rest of your home.

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3 Easy Ways to Be Energy Efficient

Photo of Energy EfficientBeing energy efficient and reducing your carbon footprint is a fantastic ideal, but when you try to read up on it, it sounds super expensive and time consuming. We live in a fast paced world where you don’t always have time to just overhaul all of your appliances and buy brand new ones with a special energy saver rating. We went ahead and compiled a list of our top three ways you can save money and be more energy efficient:

  1. Turn Off Your Power-Strips – When you are not using an electronic, you turn it off, right? Well if you have a power strip managing that electronic’s energy draw, it may still be receiving and drawing energy from your power supply. When your electronics are drawing energy even when they’re off, this is called “phantom load.” How do you stop this? When you have completed you task and turn off the device, turn off the power strip or unplug it entirely. This will not damage the electronic and will keep it from hiking up your energy bill.
  2. Conserve Your Water – Here in Texas, it’s the refrain of every summer: “Conserve your water, don’t use too much.” However, did you know that by using less water, you can actually drop your gas and electric bill? When you go to use hot water, your water gets heated through electricity or gas, depending on your home. By keeping your water from running and watching your usage, you can actually expect lower utility bills! A few ways you can adjust is take quicker showers, lower your hot water temperature, and be conscious of how much and what kind of water you use during cooking and cleaning.
  3. Planting Shrubs and Trees in Your Garden – This is actually more than just a garden aesthetic. It has been found that having trees and shrubs in your garden will limit your homes exposure to the sun in the summer and remains insulated in the winter. This means your energy bills drop because you wont be running your air conditioner and heater as much.

These three simple tips can help you be more energy efficient in your home. You can also inspect your roof to ensure it is not hindering your home’s energy efficiency. Give us a call today at [nw_data field=phone] to have your energy efficient roof installed. 


Metal Roofing: The Safer Option

a photo of blue metal roof tilesIf you live in a region that gets hit by severe weather, you likely know someone who has gotten a damaged roof at one time or another. Maybe you know what it feels like firsthand to have to go through this hassle. Roof damage can be costly, and sometimes it can take a while to get your insurance company to settle up. In the meantime, you’re left with a leaking roof! Metal roofing could be a great solution to this problem.

Metal roofing has seen many advancements since the days of the rustic, tin-roofed shack. Today’s metal roofs are insulated to prevent noise, and they are strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions for generations. They also come in many colors and finishes, so your metal roof will not necessarily look metallic. It can, in fact, complement the color of your siding or enhance any aspect of your home’s curb appeal.

More importantly, a metal roof can keep you safe in the event of a storm. Shingle roofs can get pummeled by hailstones, and their shingles can be sent flying by high winds and debris. Metal, on the other hand, is storm-resistant. You won’t have to worry much about wind, water, or even hail damage. Some metal roofs are so strong that they outlive the structures they sit on!

You can even find metal roofs that have been recycled from previous homes, and pass yours along when you want a change. For all your metal roofing needs in Lubbock, TX, call us today at 806.771.9780!

The Pros and Cons of Roofing Shingle Types

If you’re like most homeowners, you might not have given much thought to roofing shingles. Shingles are pretty easy to ignore — until something goes wrong! Most homes in the US have asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles are very affordable, but they might not always be the best choice. Here is a short list of shingle types, and their good and bad qualities.

Asphalt Shingles

These shingles are popular because they are accessible to most homeowners. They are easy to find, not very difficult to install, and inexpensive when compared to other types of shingles. They also come in an assortment of colors to suit any home. Their drawback is their fragility. While most weather won’t bother them much, hail and high winds will blow them away, requiring at least some of the shingles to be replaced.

a photo of a wood shake roofLaminated Shingles

If you’ve ever seen wooden shake roofs, you’ll recall how lovely the pattern is when they are laid out properly. The shingles are thick, and alternate between raised and recessed for a three dimensional effect. Laminated shingles are installed the same way. They come in many colors, and the interplay of light and shadow is rather attractive. These shingles cost more than plain asphalt shingles, but they are also thicker and more insulated.

Wooden Shakes or Shingles

The wood used to make wooden shakes or shingles, usually cedar, comes from sustainable wood. For every cedar tree harvested, another is planted. This ensures that the supply of cedar is ongoing. These shingles can add to your home’s value, and are very resistant to wind and impact damage. Their primary disadvantage is that they are more expensive than other shingles, and they require more upkeep.

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